A Dozen Things to do on a Rainy Day in Bandon

The winter rain on Oregon’s South Coast is a bit of a mixed blessing. We love the fact that it means green trees and plants and that it secures our water sources, but it also means many of our outdoor activities become a little less comfortable. Don’t despair, though. It may be a rainy day, […]

Good Earth Community Garden

As the weather turns from winters harshness to more springs mild sun, many Bandon residents are starting their work in the Good Earth Community Garden. Nestled in a residential neighborhood, it’s not in plain view of the town, but the garden and the organization have had quite an impact. The purposes of the Good Earth Community Garden […]

Meet The Gants of Bandon Rain Cider Company

There is something delicious happening in Bandon. Something sweet, but not too sweet; something tart, but not too tart; something steeped in family history and tradition yet on the cutting edge. Gary and Karen Gant, and their son and daughter-in-law Trevor and Mary Gant, have put their heads and fruits together to develop the best […]