Welcome to North Bend

North Bend has many areas with outstanding waterfront views.

Life in North Bend

North Bend, with a population of 13,643, shares a similar destiny with its sister city, Coos Bay. The two lie side-by-side, managed as separate cities, each with their own governance. They share many historic parallels, built by a hard-working population managing a natural resource driven economy. They also share similar 21st century challenges, transitioning to growing service, tourism and retirement sectors. Both offer exciting opportunities to those moving to the area, looking for a future on the beautiful south coast of Oregon.

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More About North Bend

North Bend shares its history, economy and inevitably its future with its sister city, Coos Bay. Although numerous proposals have been made for them to merge, consolidation has been rejected each time since it first came up in 1943. Today the two coexist with mutual cooperation sparked with a healthy rivalry, particularly when it comes to high school athletics.

The city is home to the only commercial airport on the Oregon coast. Southwest Oregon Regional Airport (OTH), is our major transportation hub with popular connections to San Francisco year-round, and flights to Denver from May through September, both via United Airlines. The local hub has a newer, modern passenger terminal built in 2008 and was recently awarded two major grants in 2019 designed to help attract new service between North Bend and Portland.

North Bend is home to many popular restaurants, notably Ciccarelli’s, specializing in fine Italian cuisine, freshly baked bread, hand cut steaks, pasta dishes and brick oven pizza, to name just a few items on their menu. The Liberty Theatre no the Bay is located a block south of Ciccarelli’s, featuring a number of quality productions.

The popular Mill Casino Hotel & RV Park, operated by the Coquille Tribe, is located on the waterfront. The Tribe received federal recognition in 1989 and opened the now hugely popular casino in 1995. They frequently host nationally recognized entertainment talent and have been a major contributor to the community.

North Bend has a number of desirable residential areas, including Simpson Heights, which is on the bay at the north end of the city limits near the southern onramp to the McCullough Bridge. Simpson Park, Winsor Park and Ferry Road Park are all located in the immediate area, with great walking trails and waterfront views. Glasgow Heights, on the northern side of the bay is also very popular, with many homes situated in the wooded hillside with wonderful views of the bay and city to the south.

As with Coos Bay, North Bend has an air of promise, as if on the cusp of a new and exciting future. There’s much here to take advantage of, whether you’re a resident or a business.

As the livability of major metro areas such as Portland, Seattle and San Francisco declines, smaller cities such as Coos Bay and North Bend shine with opportunity.