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Living in a coastal community in Southern Oregon can be an idyllic and exhilarating experience. The endless blue of the Pacific Ocean, combined with the eclectic communities that dot the coast, make this region a highly desirable place to call home. Here are 5 benefits of living in a coastal community (although there are so many more!):

1. Breathtaking Views

One of the big perks of living on the coast is the panoramic ocean views. The Pacific Ocean stretches as far as the eye can see, creating a stunning backdrop for daily activities. The sandy beaches, jagged cliffs, and hidden coves of the Oregon coast are breathtaking. Imagine waking up every morning to the sight of the sunrise glistening on the water or falling asleep to the sound of the waves crashing on the shore. The beauty of the Oregon coast is unmatched.

But the views aren’t limited to the shoreline. The nearby mountains, valleys, and forests offer equally outstanding vistas and outdoor recreational opportunities like hiking and backpacking.

2. Outdoor Recreation

From whale watching to hiking, the options for outdoor activities on the Southern Oregon Coast are endless. Water sports are prominently featured along the coast, as the waves of the Pacific Ocean provide plenty of opportunities for surfing, kiteboarding, paddling, and kayaking. 

For land activities like hiking, there are several state parks and protected wildlife areas to explore. Cape Perpetua, Coos Bay, and Paradise Point offer exceptional hiking and mountain biking opportunities. Within these parks, you’ll find islands, hidden coves and beach walks, sea caves, and precious wildlife habitats.

3. Mild Climate

Living in Southern Oregon’s coastal communities offers a mild climate without hot, dry summers and frigid winters. Summers are comfortable, with an average high temperature of 70 degrees, while winters are rainy, a perfect chance to spend a cozy afternoon reading while listening to the rain. The weather system is prime for gardening salt tolerant plants that are well suited to the coastal environment.

4. Diverse Community

The Southern Oregon coast attracts an eclectic mix of people from different backgrounds and ages, all sharing a passion for the unique coastal lifestyle. Among the most prominent groups of people are artists and fishermen, who significantly contribute to the local coastal culture. The area is known for its rich art and music scene that boasts galleries, theaters, and music festivals, showcasing some of the best contemporary and classical works throughout the region. Some festivals are centered around the local fishing industry and fishing communities, making for a unique cultural experience. The diverse community is welcoming to everyone.

5. Fresh Seafood

Living on the coast gives you access to some of the freshest and most delicious seafood in the world. From crabbing and clamming to the local seafood restaurants and farmers’ markets, you’ll have the opportunity to try new and fresh seafood dishes regularly whether you want to catch your own or prefer to have someone else cook it.

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