Locally Made & Raised in Bandon

Bandon residents take pride in the fresh produce, humanely raised livestock and eggs, perfectly delicious sourdough bread, cheese, and seafood, all locally made and raised. These products are often available directly from the source but are also found in local stores, markets and restaurants.

Face Rock Creamery

After several years of having no cheese produced in Bandon, in May of 2013, the Face Rock Creamery opened its doors to a town happy to see that Bandon cheese was back. People are glad, in fact, to the point where the Creamery sometimes has the good problem of having a hard time keeping up with demand for its products.

The Creamery is open daily. Through large windows, visitors can witness the cheesemaking process while tasting a variety of samples, and the beer and wine bar staff can suggest cheese pairings. The gift shop offers cheese products, butter, cranberry wine, Umpqua ice cream, glassware, apparel, and kitchen accessories as well as other local products.

The Creamery’s wide variety of cheese products include 10 flavors of cheddar cheese (including In Your Face Cheddar and Vampire Slayer Garlic Cheddar as well as plain, smoky and more), cheese curds, fromage blanc, and Monterey Jack, available all over the northwest.

Bandon’s Farmers’ Market

Every Friday and Saturday from May through December, the Old Town Marketplace at 250 1st Street near the boardwalk will be filled with local farmers, bakers and artisans, selling their creations. Shoppers can find fresh produce, sourdough bread still warm from the brick oven, plant starts, jewelry, art, coffee, baked goods, tamales, and much more. The market is open from 10-4, but come early for the best selection.

Many people come to the Bandon Farmers Market for the produce. As the selection changes with the season, each week at the market brings exciting new and fresh choices. Spring brings greens, peas and herbs as well as the delicious Oregon strawberries. Summer shoppers find the addition of colorful vegetables and blueberries, raspberries and peaches. Apples and winter squash are added to the mix in the fall.

The market is about much more than produce. Shoppers can nearly always find artisan-created oatmeal, coffee, dips and cheesecake as well as furniture, photos, home accessories and more. Dont miss a stop at the Seths Sourdough Bread booth where you will find the bread to beat all breads, nor a stop to purchase a variety of nuts just outside the doors.

Carnahan’s Chickens & Eggs

Tucked into the beautiful Floras Creek Valley about 20 miles south of Bandon near the small town of Langlois is the family owned Carnahan Livestock. Carnahan Livestock is a pasture-based poultry production offering seasonal broilers and year-round eggs.

Carnahans eggs are available for purchase at the Langlois Market as well as the Seaweed Market in Port Orford, and egg shares are available for purchase direct. Valley Flora Farms, a neighboring farm, also includes them in their CSA produce shares. Broilers are also available by order.

Old Town Seafood & Market

If you’re looking for fresh, local seafood while in the Bandon area, look no further than the Old Town Seafood and Market on the waterfront at the edge of Old Town. In season, the store features fresh fish including salmon, halibut, red snapper and perch as well as shellfish such as crab, clams and mussels. The fish is delivered fresh on Wednesdays. Most of the fresh seafood comes from the Coos Bay area.

During the off season, the market remains open and features smoked, frozen and canned seafood such as salmon, halibut, shrimp meat, and more. Also available is a variety of items to make your seafood cooking and eating more enjoyable, such as breading, seasoning, sauces, and cookbooks. Shoppers can also find a few items to go such as shrimp and crab cocktails, crab spread, cheesecake and soup.

Oregon Grass Fed Beef

Outside of the small community of Langlois, about 15 miles south of Bandon, Joe Pestana and the folks at Oregon Grass Fed Premium Blacklock Beef work to bring quality grass-fed beef to consumers all over Oregon. The steers available from Oregon Grass Fed are raised by local farmers who use raise them in such a way that the animals, the local economy, the consumer and the environment benefit when compared to the traditional methods employed by large-scale companies using CAFOs (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations). For consumers of beef, it seems the best way to go!

Valley Flora Farm

Valley Flora is a diversified family farm in Langlois growing a huge variety of more than 100 fruits, vegetables and berries. Their products are to be found all over the area in restaurants and stores, at their farm stand, through Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) membership, and through U-Pick.

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