The Most Scenic Hiking Trails on the Southern Oregon Coast

Southern Oregon’s coastline is a treasure trove of breathtaking landscapes, teeming with diverse wildlife and natural beauty. Hikers, nature enthusiasts, and those seeking a tranquil escape will find solace in the region’s beautiful hiking trails. Here are some of the most scenic hiking trails on the Southern Oregon Coast, perfect for your next outdoor adventure.

1. Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor

The Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor is a 12 mile stretch of coastline named after the first Oregon Parks superintendent. This picturesque area features rugged cliffs, secluded beaches, and dense forests, offering hikers a variety of terrain to explore. There are several trailheads along the corridor, including:

Arch Rock Picnic Area: A short, accessible trail that leads to a viewpoint overlooking the stunning Arch Rock.

Thomas Creek Bridge: At 345 feet high, this bridge offers awe inspiring views of the Chetco River below. Nearby, you’ll find the trailhead for the North Island and Thomas Creek trails.

Indian Sands: A 2.5 mile loop trail that takes you through unique sandstone formations and offers views of the ocean.

Whaleshead Beach: A short hike leads you to a beautiful, secluded beach with a distinctive rock formation resembling a whale’s head.

2. Cape Blanco State Park

Cape Blanco State Park, located near Port Orford, is home to the westernmost point in Oregon. The park boasts a rich history, with Native American artifacts dating back over 3,000 years and the historic Cape Blanco Lighthouse, built in 1870. Hikers can enjoy several trails within the park, including:

Cape Blanco Headland Trail: A 4.6 mile out-and-back trail that takes you to the edge of the cape, offering panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean.

Garrison Lake Loop: This 2.8 mile loop trail meanders through lush forests and along the shores of Garrison Lake.

Lighthouse Trail: A short, accessible trail that leads to the historic Cape Blanco Lighthouse.

3. Oregon Redwoods Trail

Located near Brookings, the Oregon Redwoods Trail gives hikers a rare opportunity to explore the northernmost redwood groves in the United States. The 5.5 mile loop trail takes you through ancient redwood forests, some of which are over 800 years old. The trail also features a cascading waterfall and several creek crossings, making for a truly enchanting hike.

4. Humbug Mountain State Park

Nestled between Port Orford and Gold Beach, Humbug Mountain State Park is home to one of the highest mountains on the Oregon Coast. The park offers two main hiking trails:

Humbug Mountain Trail: This challenging 5.5 mile loop trail takes you to the summit of Humbug Mountain, offering stunning views of the coastline and surrounding forests.

Brush Creek Trail: A more leisurely 1.5 mile out-and-back trail that follows Brush Creek through a lush riparian forest.

5. Pistol River State Scenic Viewpoint

The Pistol River State Scenic Viewpoint, situated between Gold Beach and Brookings, offers a variety of trails that showcase the area’s diverse landscapes. From sandy beaches and windswept dunes to grassy fields and coastal forests, there’s something for everyone at this scenic destination. Some popular trails include:

Pistol River Beach Trail: A 3 mile out-and-back trail that takes you along the pristine beach and offers opportunities for bird watching and wildlife spotting.

Pistol River Loop: This 4.2 mile loop trail explores the park’s diverse ecosystems, including dunes, wetlands, and forests.

6. Azalea Park Trails

Located in Brookings, Azalea Park is a 33 acre park known for its vibrant azalea bushes that bloom in late spring and early summer. The park features several easy, family friendly trails, including:

Azalea Nature Trail: A 1 mile loop trail that meanders through the park’s lush gardens and along the banks of the Chetco River.

Redwood Loop: A short, accessible trail that takes you through a small grove of towering redwoods.

No matter your skill level or preferred terrain, the Southern Oregon Coast offers an abundance of scenic hiking trails to explore. So lace up your hiking boots, pack a picnic, and set off on your next adventure along the breathtaking Southern Oregon coastline.

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