Top Reasons to Move to Bandon, Oregon

Top Reasons to Move to Bandon, Oregon The natural surroundings of Bandon, Oregon play a significant role in the community. The neighborhoods have evolved to reflect a meditative and inspired communion with nature: both carefully harnessed and responsibly managed and left to run its natural course in the wild. The people here enjoy playing a […]

Fun Things to do in Bandon This Fall

Fun Things to do in Bandon This Fall Bandon is teeming with life, natural beauty, and wonderful pastimes both old and new. The internationally acclaimed golf courses bring in visitors from all over the world. Fall is a great time for golf, and you have six courses at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort to choose from. […]

The Beauty of Bandon

The Beauty of Bandon Noted real estate expert and Shark Tank TV star, Barbara Corcoran, has written: “Bandon is one of the last unspoiled and undiscovered coastal towns out West.” The air smells good, filled with the scents of nature; pungent and earthy; of the ocean and life as it was meant to be.  True, […]

Why Move to Bandon?

Why Move to Bandon? Many people who choose to move to Bandon come from the dry and/or densely populated areas in California, Arizona, Nevada, and the Willamette Valley of Oregon. Seeking freedom from extreme temperatures, drought, population crush, noise, traffic and an overwhelmingly fast pace of life, many folks wanting a change find what they’re […]