Hiking the Bandon Dunes Trails

Hikers, runners and cross country skiers often complain that private golf courses take great land they could be using and then ban them from using it. Lucky for them (this hiker included), Bandon Dunes is no ordinary golf resort. With its stunning views, respected caddie program, restaurants and lounges, and challenging courses and elements, Bandon […]

Bandon’s Gorse Then and Now

After Bandon, Ireland native Lord George Bennett founded Bandon, Oregon in 1873, he must have been feeling homesick when he imported gorse, the Scotch broom relative from Ireland, and planted it as an ornamental shrub. Little did he know it would spread for miles around, cover the beaches at the future Bullards Beach State Park, […]

Life on the Southern Oregon Coast

If you’re like most visitors we meet, you live in an upscale urban or suburban area, and you and your spouse are educated, employed in a corporate or professional position, have achieved wealth, and have adult kids who are finding a life path of their own. You’re thinking about retirement and your assets. Stocks and […]

The Four Seasons in Bandon

Some joke that the Oregon rainy season begins in September and lasts until July. Others say that there are really only two seasons – rain and summer. The truth, however, is much different than what people say with their tongues in their cheeks. There are four distinct seasons in Bandon that are all enjoyable. Each […]

Why Bandon is the Perfect Place for Your Dream Home

Are you considering a move to the stunningly serene, idyllic town of Bandon, Oregon? If you are, you won’t be disappointed. This coastal town has been attracting plenty of attention from potential homeowners and for good reasons. Here’s why Bandon should be at the top of your list when looking for your dream home. Awe […]

The Best Coastal Towns to Visit in Southern Oregon

When it comes to coastal towns in Southern Oregon, there are many great places to live and visit. From quaint fishing villages to towns with new attractions, the Southern Oregon Coast is an amazing place to experience. Here are some of the best coastal towns in Southern Oregon, and who knows, you may even choose […]

Who moves to the Oregon coast?

A few examples of those who moved to Oregon’s south coast include: a writer, an economist, someone from the Cloud at Oracle, a CFO, a fireman, a psychologist, high school principal, an advertising executive, and a banker. It’s a diverse group, but they all have one thing in common: they wanted to be in Bandon. […]

Bandon Dunes Golf Resort

Speaking of the Bandon Dunes Golf Resort, the introductory paragraph of the book Dream Golf by Stephen Goodwin sums it up best: “Ever since it opened in 1999, Bandon Dunes has been one of the stories in golf, an improbable tale that got better with each telling. On a remote stretch of the Pacific Coast, at the […]

Outdoor Activities in Bandon

Regardless of what some may say, the weather on the Southern Oregon Coast is pleasant and mild much of the time. Summers are warm and sunny, and, as part of the Oregon Coast’s banana belt, winter temperatures are known to get into the upper 60’s with beautiful sunshine. This allows for a multitude of outdoor […]

Top Reasons to Move to Bandon, Oregon

The natural surroundings of Bandon, Oregon play a significant role in the community. The neighborhoods have evolved to reflect a meditative and inspired communion with nature: both carefully harnessed and responsibly managed and left to run its natural course in the wild. The people here enjoy playing a round of golf with the same passion […]