Outdoor Activities in Bandon

Regardless of what some may say, the weather on the Southern Oregon Coast is pleasant and mild much of the time. Summers are warm and sunny, and, as part of the Oregon Coast’s banana belt, winter temperatures are known to get into the upper 60’s with beautiful sunshine. This allows for a multitude of outdoor activities. With its weather and natural beauty, Bandon and the surrounding areas lend themselves well to a variety of fun activities to do outdoors.


The activity most think of first is walking on the beach. Many people have described Bandon’s beaches as “the best beaches on the Oregon Coast,” and they’re not exaggerating. These sandy paradises are perfect for walking, jogging, surfing, photography, tide pools, building sand castles or just sitting and watching the sunset. Oregon is very fortunate to have had a legislator, Senator Oswald West, who cared enough about the beaches to ensure that they would remain forever open to the public. Read more about Senator West’s great contribution to the state on the Oregon’s Public Beaches page of thebandonguide.com.

State Parks

Within 35 miles of Bandon are eight state parks to visit featuring not only the scenic beauty of the ocean and beaches but also hiking and biking trails, camping, and interesting history. Nearby Bullards Beach State Park offers a large campground, walkable beach, trails, and the Coquille Lighthouse to explore. The Face Rock Scenic Viewpoint is a perfect place for photos of the iconic Face Rock, which legend tells us is the tragic stone remains of the daughter of Chief Siskiyou. Click here to read more about the legend of Face Rock. Cape Arago State Park, south of Bandon, is the westernmost point in Oregon and includes the beautiful Cape Blanco Lighthouse. To read more about the state parks around Bandon, visit the State Parks and Waysides page of thebandonguide.com.


Within 30 miles to the north and 30 miles to the south several great hiking spots can be found for all fitness levels. Bullards Beach and the Bandon Beaches are great places to start. For more of a challenge, hikers can explore Humbug Mountain in Port Orford with a 5.5 mile loop trail to the top and back. Also in Port Orford, Port Orford Heads and its 1.2 mile loop has excellent views and some Coast Guard history as well. To the north, Shore Acres State Park has a .6 and a 4.5 mile loop trail with views and forest. For more hiking ideas, see the Hiking in & Around Bandon page of the thebandonguide.com.

Water Fun

Where there are beaches, there is water, and the Bandon area has many places perfect for fishing and crabbing both from land and from water. Charters are available for those looking for an ocean fishing experience, and crabbing can be done right from the dock in Old Town.

For those looking to get in the water, there are spectacular kayaking, boating, windsurfing and kiteboarding spots. Some of the best kayaking and boating can be done right in the Coquille River in Bandon and the New River, close by to the south. While some have the skills to windsurf in the ocean, many choose to head to Floras Lake where they can rent windsurfing or kiteboarding equipment and even have a lesson on the lake.


Bandon is well known for its several golf courses, including the world-class Bandon Dunes which Golf Digest summarizes by saying, it is here, on this remote stretch of the wildly stunning Oregon coast, where the finest golf courses in the whole world quietly await you. Regardless of ability or preferences, golfers are sure to find a course that is both pleasing and challenging.

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