Who moves to the Oregon coast?

A few examples of those who moved to Oregon’s south coast include: a writer, an economist, someone from the Cloud at Oracle, a CFO, a fireman, a psychologist, high school principal, an advertising executive, and a banker. It’s a diverse group, but they all have one thing in common: they wanted to be in Bandon.

And that’s what you’ll find when you visit: a surprising and remarkable diversity of backgrounds; people from all walks of life who have found something special in this small town, that virtually everyone cites as difficult to get to.                                       

Many come here for a sense of peace, serenity — the overwhelming presence of Nature — a centered oneness with life on a larger plane. Others are attracted by outdoor activities, camping, hiking, fishing; all in one way or another on a parallel universe with the first group.

There are those who move for the connection to community that so frequently is absent in larger cities today. A significant number arrive on a fixed income seeking to take advantage of the lower cost of living. Others are quite wealthy and motivated by the championship play at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort.

Many, across all walks of life, believe real estate here is undervalued relative to other parts of the U.S., and judge now to be a good time to buy and reap the rewards of appreciation, as more people everyday are coming to recognize this to be an attractive area for so many reasons.

The high stress urban/suburban metro areas are pushing people to look further afield in their search for vacation and second homes. At the same time, the beauty of the area, low density, clean environment, and presence of Bandon Dunes Golf Resort are drawing those same people in our direction.

Whatever your reasons for considering Bandon as home, rest assured there is a community of like-minded people from similar backgrounds who you will enjoy meeting and knowing. You will find the social connections that will make Bandon your home and the best place you’ve ever lived.

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